Here for some puppy cuteness? Meet Olive and Bernadette.

We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

Canon T1i - First Photos

I've been enjoying my snazzy new DSLR camera (if you missed my hella spectacular Canon T1i deal - yes, hella - click here.) Truth be told, I have zero knowledge when it comes to how to use it properly. I've been picking up tips from The Pioneer Woman and am waiting on two photography books that I've put on reserve at the Albuquerque library. I suppose I could read my user manual, but UGH it's boring!

To properly gauge how my photography skills improve after learning what each of those little symbols on the dial stand for (there are so many of them!) here are the very first photos I've taken:

Whatever could be inside the bag?

Ooh, popcorn!  

Sexy Nerd pondering our risk from the wildfire burning right outside our window, while casually munching on macaroni and cheese.

Doggy shots. In a post titled First Photos, I'm sure you expected there would be doggy shots.

Is Pica photogenic or what?

Look at that smile!

I'm one proud Jack Russell least when Pica isn't running down the street and dashing in front of cars, with me frantically screaming behind her.


I'm hoping to post a few home and decor photos soon, but that of course requires cleaning the house. Well, maybe not "of course", though I can just imagine the look on my mom's face if she opened my blog and found photos with underwear on the floor and empty ice cream cartons (plural!) stacked on the top of the stairs. this confession just as bad?

I should probably learn how to take decor photos with my new camera too.

So, who out there has some newbie photography tips for me?


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