Let's Hope I Don't Forget to Attend the Show

In response to my last post, Lamb Quote of the Day, spiffy long-time reader My Husband's Watching TV commented "So...what's the show?"

Hey, I thought slyly while writing my reply, I can get an additional blog post out of this! Another year older, another year wiser, and another year more diabolical. Muah ha ha!

(The evil laugh. You know you love it.)

You see, the answer isn't as simple as merely telling the name of the show. I wrote that blog post around 3am. Originally, I omitted the name because Sexy Nerd's preposterous paranoia has rubbed off on me over the past 7 years. It seemed best to save the name until after the show, lest a reader know exactly when I would be out of the house, making it easier to (A) abduct me from the parking lot after the show (or before! Extra cruel) or (B) steal Pica and Biscuit and my fanciful new camera (jokes on them - I am bringing my solid, weapon-like camera with me and Pica is a pain in the butt whenever she is away from home). In my post, however, I wrote that the tickets were for next Thursday, which pretty much divulged the same information, so I went back and added in the name of the show.

Or so I'd thought! 27 is not shaping up to be a good age for me. *Sigh*

Fluffy hair + eccentric clothing + those damn GLASSES = me at 26.
All of the above, now with the added fun of forgetfulness = 27.

Oh, I almost forgot! The tickets are for David Sedaris!


  1. I am so jealous you get to go see David Sedaris. I got to meet him last November. I could listen to him forever, he's so funny.(his signed book made an amazing christmas gift for my sister lol)

  2. lamb, you and your sexy nerd are SO CUTE ^.^anyways, i am hosting a rad giveaway, a BIKINI by an up'n coming desginer from Mexico! super easy & right on time for spring/summer! ^.^ xo


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