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The Post Where I Show You My Pale, Hairy Leg

With a post title like that, you know it's going to be good!

First, allow me to share with you a photo from the Albertson's grocery store that I visited on my birthday:

One heck of a crack in the parking lot, right? The scenario: It's my birthday. I stop by on my way home to get milk, cereal, and yogurt. Halfway into the store, I realize I've forgotten my reusable grocery bags in my car, but am lazy and don't turn back to get them. After buying what I need, I return to the parking lot, pushing a heavy shopping cart. The ginormous crack and I cross paths. The front wheels stop suddenly. The back of the cart is pushed up into the air.

Can you guess what happened?

I really can't stress that enough.

In Albertson's defense, I'm fairly certain the scar was already there.

Moral of the story? Karma will kick your butt if you don't bring your reusable grocery bags.

More fun moral? No grocery shopping allowed on your birthday!

*Bonus* When you have a fancy new camera and a fancy (yes, fancy) blog, you find yourself taking photos in the parking lot after an incident like this. It makes the store employees very nervous. I also enjoyed getting a funny look from this fellow:

Could you park any closer to me, embarrassingly oversized truck?

New cameras are fun!


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