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Shabby Apple Giveaway - Help Choose a Dress

*4/7/11 Update* The giveaway is well underway, but people keep coming back to this post and voting for the dress that did not originally win, making my giveaway post seem screwy and ridiculous. You people make me smile. I'm looking forward to seeing who the poll winner is by the time the giveaway is over. Who knows? Perhaps Shabby Apple will let the winner choose their own dress.

Exciting news! LambAround has been contacted to participate in a giveaway with Shabby Apple, meaning I get to select one amazing dress to randomly give to a reader. Pretty nifty, right? There's just one problem. Shabby Apple emailed me an extensive list of dresses to choose from, some for adults, some for kids, and even a few maternity dresses, and, although I've narrowed down my choices considerably, I just can't make up my mind on which dress to feature for my giveaway. As you, my reader, are the one who may end up with the dress, (sadly, there will not be a dress given to yours truly, so you really are a lucky duck!) I leave the decision in your hands.

The Dresses

I think my favorite is Le Coeur. Or maybe Cider. Spanish Steps is really pretty too, though Frida K. would look so impressive at work. But L'amour has that gorgeous green. And, to top it all off, the photos have given me vacation-fever, with absolutely no vacation in sight! You see why it's so hard for me to make up my mind? Vote for your favorite dress below. Choose carefully - you may be voting for the exact dress you win!


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