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Shabby Apple Giveaway & How to Save a Screen Shot

With exactly 300 entries, this seemed like a decision best left to Appreciate it, because I started out with absolutely no idea how to save the image of the winning number, as proven by my very own screen shot search bar:
Click the Image to Enlarge

 I've saved images for my blog before, but have trouble every time. The clever thing to do would be to write down exactly how I saved it this time. Problem - I have no idea how I saved it! Capturing the image is simple enough, but where do I find the file after that? I've read that I should paste the screen shot into Paint but, another problem, I accidentally deleted Paint from my computer (then reinstalled the computer back to the factory settings, then somehow removed Paint again, along with all my card games!) Eventually, the above screen shot appeared on my desktop.

Now, wasn't I writing this post for something other than to ramble on about screen shots? Oh yeah! The winner is PBJheart!! Congratulations to the lucky gal (or maybe guy?) Your email address has been forwarded to the nice folks at Shabby Apple, who will contact you for details on size and shipping. 

And thank you to everyone who entered! Keep up the stellar entry results and comments, and there are bound to be more opportunities to win LambAround giveaways in the future.

One more thing! Somehow, while finishing up this post, I managed to open Outlook, which reminded me of my 31 week overdue obligation, titled "hi". On the plus side, the key to saving a screen shot seems to be (1) Press fn, alt, and prt sc at the same time (2) open any photo in Microsoft Office Picture Manager (3) 'paste' and close the program, which should leave the image on the desktop.

I'm pretty certain Sexy Nerd has been messing with my computer.

I was very careful not to press Snooze.


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