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Thinking About Babies

I had the best weekend. Usually, I embrace my lazy and antisocial ways, hunkering down in front of my computer until it's time for work on Monday. Frankly, I was annoyed this wasn't the way my weekend was shaping up to be. But, oh, the fun I had!

We went to a cool new brew pub (twice!) and I went to yoga (yay me!) and we participated in a fundraiser called Bowling for Rhinos (and I kicked butt!) and we got to show off our soon-to-be new house (nearly done!) to my in-laws and we went out for BBQ (yum!) and we even went to a fancy wine tasting, where I confirmed once and for all that I am the lightest lightweight in the history of lightweights.

Seriously. The 6 tastings of wine were itty bitty pours that added up to maybe 1 full glass and the room, which was bathed in a glorious, hysterical glow, would not stop spinning.

I had such a fab weekend that I've decided to shun Everyday Kitty Deschanel and put Fun, New-And-Improved Kitty Deschanel (now with glitter!) front and center from now on. I've already planned another exciting list of activities for next weekend, complete with luxury home tours and a food and wine festival. So, where am I going with all this?

Yuck. Get it away from me before I cry too.

Not having kids is the absolute BEST. Never, ever let me change my mind on that. 7 am soccer game? I hate soccer games at any time of day. Also, nothing in my house being sticky = a big plus. But I didn't always think this way. Here's a post from a few years ago, written by my former self who thought I'd surely have had a kid by now:

Unique Baby Name for Our Weird-@ss Baby

By the end of this post, you'll surely be on the '2-year plan' bandwagon with me.

When you have baby madness, and no intention of actually having a baby anytime soon, names are a fun thing to think about. Sexy Nerd confessed to me yesterday that there's a name he thinks would be really cool if we had a son one day. He's thought about it and the longer he thinks about it, the more he likes it. Heck, this name would work well for a girl or a boy.

"Not as a first name, of course," he said "but as a middle name, wouldn't Nuclear be great? They'd probably use it as a first name. We could call them Nuke for short. Cute baby Nuke. It's really no different from Luke, if you think about it."

He was 100% serious.
Nuke the baby. As long as Sexy Nerd is using 'nuke' and 'baby' in the same sentence, we need more time. Also, I'm pretty sure my baby would grow up to be a hippie, and what kind of respectable hippie is named Nuke? None of the other hippies would take them seriously.

the simpsons quote
Update: I work in a pediatric dental office and have seen some truly crazy names coming from my fellow Millennials lately. Thanks to my generation, I'm sure there are already more than enough Nukes out there in the world. We're a creative bunch of weirdos.