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Camp Blogaway Review - Sleeping Arrangements (Part 1 of 2)

*Update* My post, Easter is Over, is being featured in the BlogHer list of links this morning. Now, more of the world will know what a nut I am!

You want to know more about my experience at Camp Blogaway? Well, okay. Let's start with a confession. Remember how I told you that the bunk beds are close together? Like, crazy close together?

Squeeeeeze in there!

The first time I met my bunk mates, I put my foot right into my mouth. I carpooled over (no driving in LA traffic for this gal!) and we were one of the last groups to arrive, driving up shortly before dinner (courtesy of that glorious LA traffic! Who would have guessed it would be so busy driving from LAX...during rush hour...on a Friday...into the mountains?) Each camper had been assigned to a room. I noticed while unpacking that some rooms had crammed in four people. My room had just myself and two roommates, so I considered myself lucky.

Fast forward to after dinner and after the highlight of the evening (Joy the Baker - LOVE HER!) I returned to my room to find myself face to face with the two gals I'd be sharing sleeping space with. My ice breaker? I joked about how teenie tiny the rooms were, saying that I'd attended Girl Scout camp every summer, but there had never been accommodations like this. Did I stop there? Nope.

"We should consider ourselves lucky," I'd said. "Some of the rooms have four people, stacked on top of each other like sardines! I don't even know how you'd be able to turn around in a room with four people. Thank goodness it's just the three of us!"

To which I was told, sheepishly, "I hope you don't mind, but my sister is in this room, so I moved my stuff in here as the fourth person. You don't mind, right?"

Just call me the first impression queen.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Camp Blogaway Review - Sleeping Arrangements! Not sure you want to? Ummm, I'm not going to force you, involves nudity.


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