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Insomnia Makes Me Cheesy

I've slept about 6-8 hours total over the past 4 nights. I'm totally drained. How bad is it? Today at the dental office, I handed a mom her receipt, then quickly pulled it back and reprinted a new one. There was a wet line across her address. No, our ceiling is not leaking. Although I can't imagine doing this, I'm fairly certain I had drooled (DROOLED!) on her receipt while talking to her. Even worse, her teenage daughter witnessed it. Ugh, teenagers are so unforgiving of things like that.

You'd think public slobbering would be enough to snap my brain out of its self-induced zombieland, but no. Checking out the next family, I scheduled the 6 month check-ups on Wednesday, December 8th, only to realize later I'd made them for June 8th.

At least I'm catching these goofy errors. Geez, who knows how many corrections I'll find for this post after getting a decent nights sleep (tonight, I hope!). My coworkers hadn't quite grasped how impaired I was feeling until a bit later. We were out of change, so I wrote a check for the bank to get some petty cash. My boss's husband said:

If Tom Petty comes around, you're going to have to give him that money.

Cheesy, right? "That's dumb" is what Sexy Nerd said when I told him. Yeah, well it cracked me up! I smiled just typing that. Tom Perry Cash. It kills me.
Wanting a picture for this post, I Googled "free clip art, cheesy tom petty" and got this. Yes, it also made me laugh, partly because I feel like I can relate to this strange, moldy fromage creature, who looks to be over the brink of sleep exhaustion. I have no idea what 'insanity cheese boy kirby hat' means. I hope it isn't anything dirty.

It's 3am and I'm wide awake. Hooray for idiopathic insomnia!

Methinks I will schedule this post for a more reasonable hour. What's the best time of day to post on a blog? Also, methinks that methinks is a pretty cool word.

Merriam-Webster was with me on methinks, but isn't going for smooshing 'me also thinks' into one kick a$$ word. I suppose it does look like something to do with a meal. Mealsothinks. This meal stinks?

Does a banana count as a meal if you eat it at breakfast time?

Is it still breakfast if you eat it at 3am?

Methinks you might be reading the ramblings of a crazy person. I'd better go back to bed.

I've set up a spare bed on the floor for tonight in case, once again, switching ends of the bed doesn't work. Goodnight everyone!


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