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My Salad Has a Secret (Ingredient) You'll Never Guess

There's a crazy wildfire burning and we're getting the smoke and even some of the ash here in Albuquerque. Sexy Nerd and I have been stuck inside every night for the past week and have been advised not to run our swamp cooler or open our windows. It is HOT! To compensate, we're being extra lazy lately. Ahh, what could be more relaxing than kicking back with a big glass of iced tea, a cool salad, and a magazine?

But, did you know that the tasty salad you're looking at has a SECRET? Are you intrigued?

That big, crunchy, delicious crouton in the corner? It's not a crouton!

Photos like this aren't going to make me any friends at Tastespotting.

It's actually fried tofu!

Now, if you're anything like Sexy Nerd, you're thinking that this new information is just about the most revolting thing you've ever heard. As you can see from the photos, even Kitchen Pig wouldn't endorse this one. But hear me out! Tofu takes on the flavor of whatever you add to it so, yes, if you just throw a bunch of plain, boring tofu into oil it's going to be icky. If you cover it in some thick, scrumptious hoisin sauce (or sauce of your choosing), it makes for a tasty snack and crouton impostor. And after trying it, even my stubborn, carnivorous Sexy Nerd said this recipe is a keeper.

Easy, DELICIOUS Fried Tofu (Great as an appetizer or in a salad)
  • 1 package firm tofu (drained and cut into bite-size pieces)
  • Bowl with mixture of 1/4 C cornstarch and 1/4 C bread crumbs (preferably panko)
  • Bowl with thick sauce of choice (I use hoisin sauce)
  • Oil for frying
  1. Heat the oil in a large pan
  2. Toss a handful of tofu pieces into the sauce, making sure each piece is well coated
  3. Move the sauce-covered tofu into the cornstarch/crumb mixture, again thoroughly coating each piece
  4. Carefully put the breaded tofu into the hot oil to fry, removing each piece onto a paper towel after a few minutes
*Fair warning - these will be HOT! I have the burned tongue to prove it. Although this did make me appreciate my big glass of iced tea even more, I still wouldn't recommend it!