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BLOG HOP! Vote and Link Up

Friends, welcome to another Not "Baaad" Sundays blog hop! The past few weekends have been dedicated to the BEST of the Best in Show competition, so we need to play a little bit of catch-up with the Best in Show nominees.

Wait! Keep reading! I promise you it's more fun than I just made it sound. Three weeks worth of linky parties have created the following drool-inducing list of nominees, in what can only be summed up as the Best in Show Sweet Treat Edition:

(You're welcome.)
Eat Cake for Dinner - my kinda blog title and general rule of life.

Prunille Fait Son Show ("Prunille Puts On a Show")

Pinch of This, That, & the Other - Pancakes aren't your idea of a sweet treat? These are made with cake batter! Mmmmm.

Screaming Sardine - No worries. The title of the blog is no indication of the "surprise" in this German Chocolate Surprise Cake.

The Sweet Details - I'm fairly certain the sunflower seeds qualify these cookies as healthy.

The Garden of Yum - Complete with a Funny Story!
(However will you decide which of the 3 cookie posts above to make? Lamb says, "why choose?")

Sweet Simple Stuff - See that adorable ladybug? It's an M&M in disguise.

Readers, if you are ("were" now that's you've read this post) on a diet, I sincerely apologize. Then again, I know none of my amazing and pretty readers would ever need to diet, so that's just silly talk. And as for my impressive nominees, I hope you'll give yourself a pat on the back for all your blogging awesomeness. Want to win the Best in Show (*extra-special Sweet Treat edition*) award? I encourage you to take a button:

Voting (right sidebar) will run through the end of the week. Now, for another shot at the highly coveted Best in Show award, let's link up!

1. Post the Not "Baaad" Sundays button (right sidebar).
2. Visit and comment on at least TWO other posts. Say LambAround sent you!
3. All posts are welcome, as long as you're proud of them.


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