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Crazy Wedding Quotes

While visiting Sexy Nerd's family for the 4th of July, the topic of our bizarre wedding came up. No one believed me about some of the things that our wedding officiant, Captain Howie, had discussed during the ceremony. Most of them were there though. They must have blocked the craziness out.

Luckily, everything was recorded.

Click the image to enlarge - you won't regret it!

As you can imagine, there were some red flags about using Above Heaven's Gate and Captain Howie for our wedding. For example, after months of communicating through email, we called and were told to hang on so they could get someone who speaks Spanish. You know, because we live in New Mexico.

We even canceled him as our wedding officiant and planned a new ceremony at Turtle Bay...but we switched back because we liked Captain Howie's location better. Funny enough, "his location" was Moli'i Gardens and I'm not sure we actually had permission to be there (actually, I'm quite certain we did not), as our fees for the site were nowhere near what Moli'i Gardens charges and Captain Howie seemed alarmed when he saw we'd lit their tiki torches for the ceremony. He got out of there within minutes of officiating the ceremony, although he did take a moment to relieve himself in the bushes, steps from an actual restroom.

Blogging gold, that Captain Howie.