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Snow in July with Shabby Apple

We just arrived home from our July 4th travels and are worn out. How worn out? A moment ago, Sexy Nerd was asleep on the couch, despite his recorded Nascar race progressing without him. He was sitting up with the remote control for the speakers on top of his head, completely dozed off. He put it there in his sleepy daze.

You can find a photo here. Yes, I'm a mean wife. The flash from my photos woke him up. Now he's grouchy.


We visited Sexy Nerd's family in Colorado this weekend and my parents tagged along. On a whim, we drove up to Cottonwood Pass. We really weren't dressed appropriately.

Shorts and t-shirts are an ideal choice for a hot 4th of July. But wait! What is that in the distance?

Snow! And Sledders!!

Really, who are these people who go sledding in July? You crazy Coloradans!

Of the four of us, I was dressed the most sensibly of all.

It drives my mom crazy when she tries to take my photo and I pull out my camera and photograph her.
So I do.

When attempting to hike in an unfamiliar location, especially knowing you are ill-prepared to brave the elements, it is important to stick together.

Hence, my mom and Sexy Nerd hiking to the left and my dad heading toward the right.

(And yours truly, hanging behind and fiddling with the camera before running to catch up.)
Off he goes.
"Uh oh," thinks my dad, realizing he's all alone on the mountain.

Sexy Nerd told us we were hiking in a very safe place, at least when it comes to snakes. So who lives here?

 Snakes be darned. We made it to the top!

All of us.

And, yes, I was freezing my buns off!
Despite the cold, I'd say the short hike was one of the highlights of our weekend.

Now, let's all admire my pretty new Shabby Apple Baja dress, which I won (yippee!) from the Raising Cubs in a Campground blog.

Not that I'm vain or anything.

Just a bit of a ham.

Not sure what I was pointing at.

Once the breeze kicked up, my little photo shoot became kinda racy!

Shabby Apple dress