Baby Time?

On Saturday, Sexy Nerd and I rode our state money pit, the Rail Runner, from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. It was standing room only for most of the 1 1/2 hour ride, so we were relieved to find two seats at the back of the train. Even better, we found two seats side by side!

I read in the Albuquerque Journal a few weeks ago that New Mexico actually lost so much money on the Rail Runner last year that they could have purchased a Toyota Prius for each and every passenger from 2010 and still come out ahead.

But, I digress.

At the Rail Runner's first stop, a family with a baby boarded. There were many people around, including other families with children, but they asked us if we minded keeping an eye on their stroller.

Easy enough.

So here Sexy Nerd and I were, riding to Santa Fe with a stroller. Another family hopped onto the train. Again, there were plenty of people they could have asked to watch their car seat.

This is how a sign works, isn't it?


  1. Yes mam! And far more reliable than the whole How I Met Your Mother tactic of waiting to see your doppelgangers.

  2. Sometimes you just need to listen to the voices calling you....

  3. oooooooo, Lamb. Are you thinking about it? When I was thinking about it, I was already preggie. Imagine that! Susan from (Can't sign in other than anonymous. Don't know why.)

  4. Agreed. You could potentially go your entire life without seeing your doppelganger.

    Might be time to listen to those signs. Or you could have taken the stroller and car seat, sold them on Craig's List and had a nice dinner out.

    You know...which ever fits better into your plans ;)

  5. LMAO, Megness! It sounds like Nerdy and I missed an opportunity.

  6. LOL! Who knows? Pretty funny, though -- you two must look very trustworthy. :)

  7. I would agreee - you probably looked responsible and who knows! May be the right sign!~

  8. Well, may be!! :)

    This is my first visit to your blog and I must tell you that I loved the background you used.

    We have a link-up party going on - Tea Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner. I would really appreciate if you'd link up some of your awesome posts there. Hope to see you at the party.


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