Rachael Ray's Austin Mac 'n' Cheese Suiza

In our house, Sexy Nerd and I take turns making dinner each night. This works out really well for me for two reasons. One: how many guys do you know who agree to make dinner every other night? Two: Sexy Nerd is a much more patient cook than me.

Recipes with lots of ingredients and steps, like Rachael Ray's Austin Mac 'n' Cheese Suiza never taste quite right when I make them. Mix this in one bowl, this in a second bowl, and this and this in a pan? Pfft! "Why not just combine everything directly into the pan?" I'll say.

Luckily, Sexy Nerd is a real stickler for rules. It must be an engineer thing. If a recipe calls for onion salt and he only has regular salt, he won't make it. Thus, his cooking usually tastes really great!

Do not eat the spoon. Oooh, or Kitchen Pig!

Of course, after I wrote all that stuff above about Sexy Nerd never making any changes to a recipe, he pointed out that he used tomatoes instead of tomatillos.

Shhh, Sexy Nerd! No one needs to know!