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Funny Excerpt From Our New Community Newsletter

Straight from our neighborhood liason:
WILDLIFE SPOTTED LAST WEEK   Wednesday, five deer were seen crossing by Golf Course and earlier in the day, a mountain lion was seen chasing five deer across the 18th Green.  Thanksgiving Day a golfer encountered the mountain lion between the 13th Green and 14th Tee Box.  It was about 20 yards away and the golfer chose to wisely let the cat play through.

I think we're going to like our new home.

You know, if we ever actually get it built!

Sharing is Caring: A Story in Photos

Lookin' good, Sexy Nerd! (when I tell you to smile for the camera and instead you take a big bite of your sandwich, photos like this are going to happen.)

I can't decide whether Pica and Biscuit are exceptionally well-behaved dogs or really stupid for ignoring my sandwich on the table.

Santa Bear (aka Best Xmas Special Ever!)

The other day, I posted the following comment on The Spohrs Are Multipling:

My all-time favorite holiday special was Santa Bear, which is so sad because I can't find it ANYWHERE! I had it recorded onto a VHS tape when I was younger but the tape no longer plays. Seriously, does anyone else remember this Christmas special? Santa Bear and Bully Bear switched places (naked, they looked identical) but Santa and Santa Bear's airplane-flying female pal saved the day!
Every Christmas, I search online for Santa Bear and every year I'm out of luck.

Until now! Enjoy :)

What's the best part of all? This has the same 80s commercials as my old VHS recording! Ahh, simple times.

$1 for Five Pounds of Gummy Worms! Black Friday Special

Have you been snatching up all the incredible Black Friday deals? Here's a bargain I just stumbled upon:
$1 for a 5lb bag of mini neon sour gummy worms from!
There's a limit of 5 bags per order. After factoring in shipping, this comes out to just $18.67 for twenty five delicious pounds of gummy worm goodness! And, of course, if you're going to pay so much for shipping, you really ought to throw a few more discounted candy selections into your cart, don't you think?
Sadly, there will be no candy for me. I'm scheduled to get my braces this Wednesday (with no jaw surgery). In a brilliant (brilliantly stupid) move, I agreed to help my orthodontist fill a hole in his schedule yesterday and had separators placed in between my teeth on the day before Thanksgiving.
Yeeooooowch! So happy that all the best turkey day side dishes and desserts are soft.

Photos from California

For our vacation, I bought 2 San Francisco Go Cards, which included a Red and White Fleet Golden Gate Bay Cruise. I don't think it would have been worth the cost if purchased on it's own (about $30 each, I believe) but without any extra expense, we really enjoyed it.

Cruising beneath the Golden Gate Bridge provides some great photo opportunities!

I think someone enjoyed our Golden Gate Bridge cruise.

San Francisco Trip Photos

A week has passed and I'm still sick, now with bronchitis! Bah humbug and cough, cough, cough!

Also, we've been back from our travels for quite some time but there are still no photos from San Francisco here on LambAround. Let's fix that.

We flew into Oakland and took the BART into San Francisco. The station has a nifty view of the Raiders stadium. (boo!)
 Sexy Nerd, looking absolutely thrilled to hold my bag while I take his photo.
Yes, the other husbands may laugh when they see him, but holding your wife's bag is a necessary part in the life of the modern man.
Eventually, Sexy Nerd accepted it. You can't argue with an awesome bag!
Before our vacation, I joined the Boudin email club and received a $3 off coupon, good at their Fisherman's Wharf location. Note to anyone thinking of using this handy travel tip: Learn from my mistake and print more than just 1 of these coupons. About a dozen, registered to multiple email addresses, would have been great.
We sh…

My Teeth: From Bad to Worse

Remember when I told you I was getting braces? Nothing is ever simple, is it?
So, it all started with a simple consultation for some cosmetic dentistry. My front teeth have always been a bit wacky (thank you to a clumsy 3rd grade face plant on the road) and I finally decided to have them fixed. But not so fast!
Sure, the cosmetic dentist could fix just my front teeth, but was I aware that my molars were certainly going to fracture as I got older due to the horrible way my teeth fit together? So before redoing the build-ups on my front teeth, I needed braces. But wait!
The orthodontist might be able to fix my bite with braces, but what may work best would be braces and (wait for it)...(suspenseful, right?)...jaw surgery! 
"What would that entail?" I asked, completely horrified.
"Nothing with the lower jaw, so not to worry. Just the upper," he reassured me. "They just break your upper jaw in two places. It will move everything. Your nose will move up a littl…

GlassesUSA Discount for Blog Readers

One super-cool dorky dork!
When I first found out I needed to wear glasses, all I could think of was that I was going to be a nerd just like you-know-who. I’m already super duper dorky. Glasses would be just the thing to push me over the edge. "There are so many styles of glasses," Sexy Nerd insisted. "Think of shopping for glasses like shopping for clothes!"

Whatever, Sexy Nerd. Though I'll admit there were one or two frames that caught my eye.

If you’re thrifty like me, you hate having to spend a bunch of money on something that you wouldn’t even need if your vision were perfect. Well, guess what? Your eyesight isn’t perfect and you and I are just going to have to accept it! Really, I knew my eyes weren’t quite seeing 20/20, but I never dreamed that wearing eyeglasses would make such a remarkable difference. When driving, I can see each of the little leaves on all the trees (and, better yet, I can actually read the names on the street signs before passing the…

Ack! Is It The Flu?

Despite my trypanophobia, (thank you, Dr. Google!) I found myself in the CVS pharmacy a few weeks ago, being brave and getting my first ever flu shot. The last time I was sick, I missed nearly a week of work. I didn't want to repeat that scenario again this year. Sexy Nerd was feeling miserable and missed work on Tuesday, so I was extra pleased with my smart flu shot choice.

Lousy sore throat. I drank some green tea with honey and ignored it.

Stupid sinus pressure. Must be allergies.

Get out of here, you dumb fever!

The shot appears to have been for nothing. My boss and coworkers pushed me right out the door today, even though I insisted I was fine. You know, with the exception of those symptoms listed above. And the mild (mild!) dizzy spells that have left me stabilizing myself against the wall for the past couple of days.

I'm too cheap to go along quietly with missing hours at work, but after drinking a little Theraflu Maximum Strength, I must admit I'm feeling kind…

Lamb, Master of Trickery (Muah Ha Ha!)

Good morning and happy post-Halloween madness, everyone! I have a little confession to make. You know the post from Friday morning wishing you all a great weekend and starting the blog hop? Totally scheduled! I actually flew into Oakland on Thursday night and spent the last few days enjoying San Francisco. Now I'm back in Albuquerque. And you know what else?

I'm soooo tired! Why do I come back from every vacation feeling like I need a vacation?

In other words, I'll post photos later. For now it's back to bed (I wish!) I have to go to work. And then starts my quest for marked down candy and free pumpkins!