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Quick Trip to the %!#* Smith's Pharmacy


Swing by my local Smith's for my prescription and browse the discount Halloween candy.

The candy they have bothered to price is still too expensive.

After standing in the pharmacy line for a few minutes, I realize I left my HSA card at home.


I still forget my HSA card, so decide not to go to Smith's today.

See in the new ad that Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup is on sale for just $0.49/can.

$0.49/can!!! The real stuff, not the store brand.

It is never priced that low.

I make an extra trip to Smith's, wanting to hit up the special on the first day before the soup sells out.

Smith's has no Cream of Chicken soup.


After double checking that the pharmacy opens at 9am, I run in before work.

They have soup in stock! I buy 30 cans.

(Yes, there was still soup left for the other customers.)

It's 9am and the pharmacy is still all gated up.

9:05. Still closed.

I don't want to be late to work but I don't want to have to make another visit to Smith's. A store employee assures me the pharmacist is here and will open the pharmacy at any moment.

9:15. Leave Smith's and the still-locked up pharmacy in a rotten mood and am nearly late to work.

Thursday: (again!)

Wait in line at the Smith's pharmacy for over 10 minutes while the pharmacist and an old lady try to figure out a way to get cash back from Medicare. I'm no expert but this sounds illegal to me.

Pick up my prescription.

Mention to the pharmacist the trouble I had this morning.

Pharmacist laughs and says they got confused about what time they open on weekdays.

Pharmacist says my prescription is, of course, free.

I realize she is talking to another Smith's employee who is standing behind me. My prescription is, of course, not free.

Get home almost half an hour later than I would have if Smith's had gotten their act together earlier in the day.

Sexy Nerd made tacos! But he gave up waiting for me and ate them alone.

Heat up leftovers from the fridge.


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