Our 4 and 8 Anniversary

It's crazy to think that Sexy Nerd and I had our first date 8 years ago. Things were so different back then.

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And has it already been 4 years since we got married? Really?

I wonder if I'll look back another 8 years from now and be amazed at how much things have changed. By then we will hopefully have our home in the mountains and Baby Nuke. I'm hoping Pica and Biscuit will still be here (though I'm realistic that our punk Pica will probably run down the street one day, never to be seen again). If all goes according to plan, we will each have a new vehicle by then (a Prius C for me and "something sporty" for him) and will have traveled to Australia and cruised so many times. Sexy Nerd will have his Ph.D. I suppose I'll call him Dr. Sexy Nerd.

Life can change so much from year to year. Based on the past 8, I think we're in for some pretty wonderful times.