Here for some puppy cuteness? Meet Olive and Bernadette.

We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

Welcome SITS Gals!

*Hee, hee, hee*

Sorry. In the face of social pressure, I become a nervous mess. And who can blame me? All you fabulous SITS ladies peeking and prying into every corner of my little blog. I tidied up for you, but there's always more to be done. I wonder if there's something like Merry Maids for blogs.

Okay, deep breath.
Are you buying my calm and collected act?

Sexy Nerd told me to tackle my SITS day the same as when someone comes to visit our home, which is to kick back and leave everything as is, insisting that no one cares or is going to judge us in any way just because of some unvacuumed carpet or smudges on the light switches. He gets in trouble before every guest and insists he has no idea why, all while eating in front of the TV and spilling crumbs on the couch!

But perhaps Sexy Nerd is right this time. Feel encouraged to snoop through old blog posts and stir up a little (I hope just a little) dust. And share a post (or 2! or 3!) of your own below, in a weekly LambAround tradition I like to call...
 Super Strange SITS Wednesday Edition!

Not "Baaad" Sundays Blog Hop RULES and Other Fun Info
Because, really, what could be more fun than rules?

1. Smile at the name of the blog hop. LambAround. Not "Baaad". Get it? Yes, smiling is a requirement if you'd like to play (and I know you do.)

2. This Linky is open to all posts that you are proud of. Did you recently post about a great decorating project, craft, or recipe? How about a story or a cute photo? Share the fun!

3. Do you ever find yourself trying not to duplicate posts on blog hops but aren't quite sure what you posted the previous weeks? Problem solved! The Linky from today will be back on a future Sunday, making it easy to see what you've already posted and giving you another chance to visit any great posts you may have missed.
4. You don't want to be the grump at the party, so be sure to mingle with your fellow blog hoppers and tell them what a nifty job they have done with their post. You're bound to be the most popular girl at the link up with an attitude like that!

5. Please link directly to your post, not just your general blog, and include a post-related photo.

6. You're not just linking up with your fellow bloggers - you're competing against them in a battle to the death! Well, okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration. It sounds exciting, right? Participating in the Not "Baaad" Blog Hop is the only way to snag a coveted Best in Show award nomination. I'll send you a message if you make the cut. Good luck!


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