Braces Adjustment: Before and After

My second braces adjustment went a little something like this:

Orthodontist: Those little wires on the sides don't want to stay in, but that's okay. We can just wire everything together. It will be much more permanent.

I wasn't sure what he meant, but was aware while lying in the chair that this braces adjustment was taking much longer than the last and involved a great deal more wires and pulling on my teeth. The assistant jammed a sharp wire into my cheek and joked that she was going to give me a piercing.

Ahh, so this was what he had meant:

The 'After' is below (like you couldn't tell!)

Afterward, Sexy Nerd took one look at me and asked what the point of clear brackets was. Ummm, yeah. My thoughts exactly.

And those sharp little twisties all over? I hate those sharp little twisties!


  1. You're making me nervous! I go for my records appointment in 2 1/2 weeks, and then a few days later, my dentist will decide if he'll be working on my teeth or referring me out. He has informed me that my teeth will be a "fun project" for him! Eek. I am so scared to get braces!

  2. This does not make me want to get braces! I was looking into invisalign, but it seems like way too much work. Braces would be less effort on my part and maybe faster? Hang in there, you're doing great!

  3. My advice? Don't let your dentist near you for braces! You need to see a Board Certified Orthodontist. You don't want to invest all that time, money, and discomfort with a general dentist that merely dabbles in orthodontia.

    They're really not *horrible*, just more of a nuisance. Brush and floss as well as possible before you get your braces because your teeth are going to feel filthy afterward (and there won't be much you can do about it). I would say that now is the time to eat a big, chewy steak because your teeth may be too sore afterward...but I guess that won't be a concern for you, Sandra ;)

    I've never been much of a steak lover, but I hate not even having the option! What if I take a cruise??

    Good luck with your teeth!

  4. I just got mine off and I had clear brackets as well with coloured wires around them. the adjustments do get easier but the first few I find they are figuring out how your teeth will take to things. They make small adjustments along the way.
    All of this seems like a pain but it WILL be worth it! I cried the day I got mine off.

  5. Nerd is right and what a nice statement by the assistant. I can so remember those braces and so hated them-like noone else does. Good luck. Keep smiling.

  6. Despite all the non-sense, your teeth are looking great! Just remember to bring a needle gauged as large as your wire and show that assistant who is doing the piercings! Haha.

  7. What a lovely comment by the dental assistant. WOW.
    I know how you feel...I had them twice. I've had two kid who have had them TWICE. Now two more have appointments to get them. Yay us... ;)

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  10. hey thanks for showing us before and after photos! Here are some more:

  11. Thanks for showing us some before/after photos of braces. It's amazing who you'll find wearing braces. No one is immune from crooked teeth!

    Check out these before/after photos of braces:

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  13. Adjustment of the braces may cause pain and discomfort. The person may not be able to normally eat solid foods after a couple days. During this time, liquids and soft foods are highly recommended. The teeth must be thoroughly cleaned in order to avoid gum diseases, tooth decay, and later to tooth loss. Your orthodontist or dentist can assist you in the proper cleaning of your oral cavity to keep it clean and healthy always.

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  15. I agree. It does defeat the reason for getting the clear brackets. Couldn’t they have used clear wires for those? Kind of an “oops” moment for your ortho. Did you get it fixed on your next visit, or did you just go with it?



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