Why I Loves Me Some Sexy Nerd

Email waiting for me this cold, snowy morning: 

Drive safe…there are a ton of crazies out there!  As usual, if you can get out of the neighborhood, the roads are just fine.

Thank you for the cookie :)  Aren’t you a sweetie?  I guess I can forgive you for your superior vocabularity!  Yes, I made that up though how cool would it be if that were a word?
I love you!

Hmmm...after reading that out of context, I suppose I had better point out that the "cookie" Sexy Nerd was referring to was indeed a real cookie, which I snuck onto the driver's seat of his truck as a surprise.

Oh, and I have totally destroyed him in all 8 of our games of Words with Friends. Muah ha ha!

Sadly for Sexy Nerd, I wasn't quite as sweet with my reply:

Aww! You write the cutest, spur-of-the-moment emails. It kinda almost makes me feel bad for planning to make that delicious eggplant pasta for our dinner tonight.


(You would hate for the eggplant to go bad, right? It cost me a whole dollar! A WHOLE DOLLAR!)

Mwahs! I love you too :)

BTW, the eggplant pasta (a la the lovely Giada De Laurentis) is scrumptious, but *someone* would rather have a frozen pizza. Bah!


  1. You made me laugh so hard - just with the title of this post!

  2. And then there is me, who had to try to figure out what a "cookie" would be if it wan't really a cookie...

    It is before 8AM here, though. my brain doesn't start for another hour.

    The emails I get are usually to let me know yet another change to a possible business trip..

  3. I knew there was a reason I loved stopping by your blog now and again. You make me laugh! =)


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