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Athlete Smathlete

I recently purchased the second bike I've ever owned in my life. Well, I guess the third if you count the pink and purple plastic one I had when I was four.

It was stolen from our yard and I've been grouchy about it ever since, BTW.

Saturday, Sexy Nerd and I went for a bike ride.

Holy freaking heck. I suck at bike riding. It kicked my ass. That's the only time I've ever written that word on my blog, out of 981 posts. I'm writing this shortly after returning home from said ride and my mind is in a swearing kinda mode.

Okay. To be fair, I just searched my site and the word 'ass' has actually appeared a handful of times. It's a small handful though. I'm a lady.

Coasting downhill is great! I could just sit there on my pretty new bike and coast forever. Well, except that the seat is a bit firm. And my thumb keeps accidentally dinging the little bike bell. And the wind hurts my ears.

Which reminds me of my pre-ride preparations. I packed water, a sweater, gloves, and sunglasses in my new bike's basket (you see what I meant about being a pretty bike?) and I specifically asked Sexy Nerd to lend me his earmuffs. (You know, of Pica and Biscuit face smushing fame.) He denied my request. Denied it! "Your ears will be fine, you big baby" were his specific words. Bah!

Wheeeeeww. I am wiped out. I knew I was maybe ever so slightly out of shape, but for a while on the bike, I think my lungs tried to climb out and run away. While riding, I kept thinking how surprising it was that this was so difficult. When we went to San Francisco, Sexy Nerd and I rented bikes using our Go Card and I actually rode all the way across the Golden Gate Bridge and down to Sausalito. And I survived! I was a hardcore, super-biker!

Then I came back home and pulled up my photos from the trip:

Literally keeled over from too much exercise.

Sexy Nerd is sitting beside me as I type this, browsing on his laptop for an electric bike converter kit. I love him.


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