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We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

Biker Superstar, Take Two

Since writing my last bike post, in which attempting to ride just about killed me, I have become a bike riding pro. Okay, maybe not a pro in the eyes of actual bike riders, but I did recently pass an obese rider who looked impressed.

Sexy Nerd and I took our bikes out this morning and are so fitness minded that we even passed up the opportunity to buy ice cream when we stopped at the grocery store. Even though it would have fit nicely in my super-stylish basket:
The Kent La Jolla Women's Cruiser Bike
Ain't She a Beaut', Clark?

Yeah, that's a big lie. The entire reason for stopping was to buy ice cream. I just cheaped out. Did you know that Dryer's has replaced their tiny ice cream cartons (which I'm pretty sure they slyly downsized to get more money for less product not too long ago) with new, 1/2 gallon cartons? They want $7.99 for them! WTF?! Dryer's has clearly gone bat crap crazy, along with anyone who would fork over that wacky amount.

It also helped that we had ice cream waiting for us at home. It still counts as exercise right, even if you pig out on chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, straight from the carton, immediately following your bike excursion? We...ummm...may also have stopped at McDonalds for breakfast during our ride.

I just love those sweet Cinnamelts.


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