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World Wide Frybread Association

Sexy Nerd and I spent Memorial Day Weekend enjoying a kick-butt road trip. We found something awesome/weird/funny within the first few hours of our vacation!

We stopped in Gallup, NM for lunch at Jerry's Cafe, which I had read excellent reviews of before hitting the road.
Jerry's Cafe in Gallup, NM
Can you see why Jerry's Cafe in Gallup is so highly rated? YUM!

 They were packed when we arrived at 1pm, but we were helped to a table within just a few minutes by one of many friendly servers. How friendly were they? Sexy Nerd and I are budget travelers. Our order of two waters and sharing one of their cheapest (though super-yummy) dishes, the stuffed sopapilla, wasn't met with any eye rolls and they even divided up the entree for us. Above is one of two plates we received - most restaurants don't even offer us a second plate!

Anyhoo, this post is not intended to be a Jerry's Cafe review. It's actually inspired by the artwork that was above our booth. Presenting...
world wide frybread association

"Approved By The World Wide Frybread Association"

Yeah, you read that right. At the time, we thought it was just meant to be funny. Going through my photos today though, I did a little online search.

Here is what I found:

"The World Wide Frybread Association (WWFA) helps unite the frybread community from around the globe. We know that there are many different types even names for frybread. Our mission is to become the regulatory body for the frybread community. When you think frybread we want you to think of us."

It's a real thing! Road trips are the best.


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