Let's Get Organized!

The folks at BlogHer want to know:

What are your favorite resources (Products, Apps, Books, Websites, etc.) to help you get organized?

My best tip for getting organized is one that I stole from work. Get yourself a box, like the ones paper comes in, and an assortment of folders to stand inside the box. I use this idea for everything, from keeping track of different bank accounts and credit cards to magazine subscriptions.

Some Fun Folder Ideas
Decorating Inspiration
Party Plans
Future Travel Itineraries
Books I Want to Read (whenever I finally have time)
Websites to Visit (same problem as before!)

I also created a Vitamins/Supplements folder, which is great because I can rip out an article on something I'd like to research further and possibly try, then take care of everything in one order the next time I'm ready to make a purchase from Drugstore.com (translation = easier to hit the minimum purchase required for free shipping!)

And now, because I have a strict rule here on LambAround that I cannot possibly have a post without any photos, here are some tulips in my dining room.


I never said the photo had to be relevant to the post.

How about you? Do you have any tips for keeping everything organized? Share! You can also join in BlogHer's main conversation. And, after all that fun socializing, be sure to enter BlogHer's Life Well Lived sweepstakes.

Aaaand, if you still have energy left, check out my other Life Well Lived post. It's all about getting sidetracked.

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