Here for some puppy cuteness? Meet Olive and Bernadette.

We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

Not Ready for Thanksgiving! Not Ready! Not Ready!

Sexy Nerd and I are so super smart. You see, with a mere 1 weekend to go before our house guests arrive for Thanksgiving, we had the genius idea to completely redo our upstairs flooring.

Super smart!

Now, with less than 24 hours before our company arrives, here is guest bedroom #1:

You don't even want to see guest bedroom #2!

What's that, you say? At least the new flooring is done? Ha!

Sexy Nerd worked to a certain point, then decided to pile the already cut up/mangled/destroyed old carpet back onto the floor in several, duct-taped layers. I wish I were joking.

Oh, and that damn green dolly has made its way back into the house. It's just going to sit in our loft, being a jerk, until I move it back into the garage. That's how the green dolly is. Very inconsiderate!

Sexy Nerd put cardboard underneath his carpet layers.
I don't know why.

Speaking of jerks, check out what happened to the old carpet padding that was waiting to be loaded into Sexy Nerd's truck:
From now on, I'm calling Pica a Jerk Russell.

She's trying to look all cute and sorry for what she did, but all the while she's plotting a way to get herself more of the apparently delicious carpet padding.

The point of this post, however, has nothing at all to do with flooring or guests or Pica dogs. I'm not sure what even gave you that idea. And not to worry, Sexy Nerd's parents, brother, sister-in-law, and our little baby niece will probably have a comfy enough place to stay for the next 3 nights. I'm totally planning a mad cleaning frenzy for after this blog post is completed.
This post is about the highlight of my week, which was the best chocolate pie ever.

Okay, it's possible that I may have gotten slightly off topic with everything written before this. Try to stick with me though.

Behold - the pie! (and cue impressed sounds from the audience)



Isn't that the most ridiculously insane pie you've ever seen? A dentist in town dropped it off at my office and we divvied it up. I've been tempted to ask for the recipe, but Sexy Nerd and I are planning to begin a TTC diet in April and there's no way I would be able to stick to it if I knew how to make this. Heck, if I knew now, I would have made this chocolate pie at least twice just while writing this blog post.

Okay, now I really should get going. Those guest rooms aren't going to clean themselves. Though, if I ignore the mess long enough, maybe Sexy Nerd will take care of it on his own. The guests are his family, after all.

And, yes, I did just let the cat the Jerk Russell (love that!) out of the bag just now by mentioning our TTC plans. It's all part of being an evil genius. This Thanksgiving, we'll see how many of our friends and family members actually read my blog like they say. Muah ha ha!


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