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Although it will probably be several years before we build a house on our 13 acres of mountain awesomeness, my eyes are always on the lookout for home ideas. This may have lead to me spending a few (only 6 or so) hours on yesterday. If you follow LambAround on Pinterest, you might have noticed a flood of home decor pins from me, many with the generic description "Find this home on", as I was in too big of a hurry to pin the next photo to be bothered writing anything.

As the point of this browsing was to find inspiration for our future dream home, it would make a lot of sense to search within the price range we'll be building in.

The multimillion dollar homes just look so much better though!

Here are some of my favorite photos:

How can I duplicate this within our HOA's 2 story building limit? Also, how can I make this San Francisco home not look out of place in the mountains?

That's silly. It would look adorable in the mountains!

I don't do windows. Still, it's an appealing look.

 Yes, I actually found a home with its very own SPA room! Come to think of it, it's almost silly to build a dream home and not include a spa room, right? I can hear the soft music now.

Every morning, I'd come downstairs into this grand living room and feel like I'm off to the opera.

Future Dream Kitchen Photo #1

Future Dream Kitchen Photo #2
(But with a much larger island)

 Future Dream Kitchen Photo #3
(These would be the pantry doors, of course.) 

Future Dream Kitchen Photo #4

The plan is to meld all 4 kitchen photos into one glorious dream kitchen.

Also, I expect our future dream home to always be immaculately clean, just like in these photos. Sure, we don't keep our current house very tidy, but I'm convinced that having such a nice San Francisco-inspired home will transform Sexy Nerd into some kind of magical cleaning man, sort of like the dad on Full House.


  1. I was addicted to years ago too. We ended up by land in the country and building our house. So, I then became obsessed with looking at house plans online! I finally narrowed it down to just a few plans, took them to the architect, and told him what I liked about each plan. He combined everything I liked and the house is perfect (except I wish my laundry room was bigger). I also would take pictures of local houses that I liked and gave him those to work with. The whole process was so much fun! Keep at it because the time will come before you know it to start building. Congratulations on your future home!

  2. If you are going to dream, dream BIG! These are all wonderful photos! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Enjoy you're dreaming, you'll have it before you know it!

  4. I dream all of this. Hope to have it soon. So wonderful.
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