The Most Awkward Hour of My Life

You know when you get the giggles, and it's just impossible to stop yourself from laughing? That happened to me today. Nothing was even funny, but I had to laugh. I would burst if I didn't laugh. Sure, I tried to move my mind to a calm place. At one point during my pointless hysteria, I even said out loud "Alright, I'm going to be serious from here on".
That lasted about a minute.
The trouble with trying not to laugh is that just thinking about not laughing makes the corners of my mouth turn up.
Of course, getting the giggles isn't all that big a deal, right?

This happened while I was getting an hour-long full body massage. The super-sweet masseuse laughed right along with me, but I'm pretty sure hers was just the uncomfortable sound one makes when you're locked in a teensie room with a crazy person, five minutes into a looong session.