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Adult Bullies

I'm writing this during my lunch break, feeling sad.

When you make a phone call, if you're the type of person who is mean to the stranger on the other end, you're an adult bully. I tried to help you schedule your 3 year old for a filling. I want your children to be our patients and am happy to hear that their current dentist recommended us. I can even get you in this week. Yes, you do need to set up a consultation appointment. No, it is not free, but most insurances do cover it. You can threaten me and say you're going to speak directly to my boss, but if you refuse to give me your insurance information, how am I supposed to get an estimate for you? I understand that you called me while you are driving. I understand that you have triplets. At your insistence, I called your other dentist to find out the details of your insurance. As expected, they would not provide me with your information. I called you back at the number you told me. The recording said your mailbox is full. You called back and threatened again to take your child somewhere else and to complain about me to everyone you know. I don't know how else to help you.

When you have a bill to pay, if you're the type of person who stops by unannounced so that you can yell at and try to intimidate the girl at the front desk, you're an adult bully. I have already told you everything I know. Your insurance did not pay 100%. Many insurance plans do pay 100% for check-ups. Yours does not. I understand that the person you spoke to at the insurance company told you they would pay 100%. I do not work for your insurance company and I do not know why they gave you that incorrect information. The Explanation of Benefits we received from your insurance company, which you should also have received, shows that they paid 80%, not 100%. I don't understand why this is such surprising news to you. Your insurance paid the exact same way, 80% instead of 100%, the last time your child saw us. Most people resolve their balance over the phone or through the mail. Are you going to stop by and try to make me feel terrible after every check-up, when your insurance will surely pay 80% instead of 100% again? People tell me every day that they appreciate my help. I go out of my way to make sure everyone is happy. You don't care though, do you? At least you had the decency to lower your tone and leave when you noticed that I was shaking slightly. I think most women would do the same in my situation, with an angry man twice my size and age towering over me, here at the office alone on the dentist's day off. I wish I had locked the door.

I've been at work a little more than 3 hours. It has been quite the day.


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