Omaha's Tourism Ambassador (aka Me!)

I haven't quite gotten Omaha out of my system and have been researching what it would be like to move there. How long do midlife crises usually last? Do you cut that time in half for a mid-midlife crisis?

The Omaha tourism websites only increase my desire for at least a visit, if not a life-changing move. At, there's an entire section devoted to shopping. They have a store called Chocolate Peacock. Whatever could that be? My rational guess is that it's a typical, everyday candy shop. Then again, who's to say Nebraskans aren't serving the birds as a delicacy, fondue-style? Certainly not me, as Sexy Nerd hasn't agreed to vacation there yet. Omaha does make a big deal about their zoo. Just saying.

I really should move to Omaha. Their tourism department needs me! Did you click on the link above? They're trying to convey how friendly and lovable the folks in Omaha are. They want me to believe that a day spent shopping in their various whimsically-named boutiques (Drastic Plastic? The Afternoon?) will be one of enjoyment. My plan? Move to Omaha and take the job of whoever designed this shopping page:

They even show him twice!! Now, if you're a fellow Friends fan, read the next part in Chandler's voice:

Could he be having any more fun shopping in Omaha?


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