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I'm in (Red Light) Therapy

Does red light therapy really work? After researching it and reading scientific studies, I tested it at Sun Care Albuquerque and am a believer. It's supposedly the holy grail of beauty and Jennifer Aniston's anti-aging secret. Decreased cellulite, faded dark spots, diminished wrinkles, etc. all while relaxing. It's practically magic! As soon as I figure out a place to put one in our home (extra tricky because it requires a 220v outlet), I'm going to purchase a used tanning bed on Craigslist and reconfigure it with red light bulbs.

So, how did my first Red Light Therapy test go? The Premium Shopping Guide had a coupon to try it for free at Sun Care Spray Tan & Skin Care Salon in Albuquerque. I thought the light would be just for my face - I had no idea I would actually be stripping down to use it! Thank goodness you get your own private room or I would have chickened out.

That said, I suppose it does seem a bit unlikely that Sun Care Albuquerque would just have their patrons strutting about in the nude. I'd never done anything like this before though so what do I know!

Which reminds me of a paranoid little side note. If you do try Red Light Therapy, double check that the door is locked. While using the Sun Care Albuquerque bed, I was trying to just enjoy the dark and the quiet and relax. Impossible. My mind kept wandering to the door and wondering if I had locked it. Walking in on someone lying naked on a red light therapy bed seems like the thing nightmares are made of!

Did it improve my skin? Maybe. I had an ultrasonic facial right beforehand (another service I'm skeptical of, but the Groupon offer was just too good to pass up!) My skin was absolutely looking better afterward, but I don't know whether to attribute that to the red light therapy, ultrasonic facial, or the combination of the two.

red light therapy before and after photos
 Post-red light therapy skin

Note that you cannot see my fugly braces. There were a few photos taken at the same time that had a bigger smile with my teeth showing. Instantly deleted!

Everything I've read online says red light therapy is safe and beneficial, but...there's something about laying in a tanning bed-type machine surrounded by glowing red light doesn't seem quite right to me.

tanning bed converted for red light therapy
Red Light Therapy Bed

Get inside and blast off into space? It's exactly the same thing as a tanning bed, except the UV bulbs have been switched out with UV-free red light bulbs.

You can see the red light glowing even with your eyes tightly closed...and even while wearing those funny little spa goggles! Do NOT open your eyes.

There are other services at Sun Care Albuquerque that I would like to try in the future, including Mystic spray tanning and some sort of crazy hydration pod. They also have blue light therapy that is designed to target acne. As a socially nervous person, I love the idea of a spa with little to no human interaction (as long as you remember to lock the door).

Have you ever tried Red Light Therapy? Has it made a difference in your appearance or health?


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