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Maybe She Was Driving To The Police Station

There's a high school down the street from my office. You never know what you're going to see.

On my drive home one day, I watched a young driver turn out of the school parking lot. She slammed into the SUV in front of her and put her hands to her head, probably thinking something like OH NO, OH NO, OH NO. I felt bad for her, especially with her classmates everywhere. Some were pointing. Some were laughing. Scarred for life, right? Well, the poor girl made things much worse.

She put her car into reverse and pulled around the SUV, trying to drive away like nothing had happened. I didn't feel quite as bad for her anymore, what with her brazen criminal ways and lack of smarts on display. At just after 5pm, summer school had just gotten out, along with most of the many offices along the street. She was caught in a traffic jam! Knowing this, she still tried to drive away.

The driver of the SUV pulled over, got out of her car, and slowly walked around the car that had hit her, taking photos with her cell phone every step of the way. The young girl never wavered from her decision to pretend nothing had happened. Her gaze was fixed on the road ahead, her hands were at 10 and 2, and she continued to drive away, albeit just a slow creep forward toward the distant red light.

Many students enroll in summer school for admirable reasons, like getting a head start on the new school year. I don't think that's why this particular girl was there.

No hit-and-runs here. Sexy Nerd is a stickler for the rules.

I will never miss being a teenager.


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