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Breakfast of Champions

I was too tired this morning.

Before work today, I simultaneously threw together an omelet on the stove and a breakfast drink in the Vitamix (no worries - I toned down my previous Vitamix recipe ingredient list!) The first day of school for Albuquerque kids is only one week away, so our pediatric dental office is packed with procrastinators (I waffled back and forth on crossing that last part out. You wouldn't believe how many parents have been calling, angry and insisting I get their child in before school starts. Didn't they have the entire summer to take care of this??)


I realized too late that my breakfast plans were overly ambitious and was left dashing to and from the stove, blender, fridge, and pantry to put everything together, trying frantically not to be late for work. I flung a handful of shredded cheddar on top of my omelet, whirled all the ingredients in the Vitamix, and sat down with two minutes to enjoy my breakfast.

Everything tasted great. omelet was a bit dry. I'd prepared it the same as always, yet something tasted different.


Cucumber, basil, lemon = a surprisingly excellent source of calcium!

In my pre-work cooking frenzy, I'd thrown the handful of cheese into my drink, then blended everything together without hesitating.

It's going to be a loooong day at work!


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