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Pretzel S'mores Recipe

We're overdue for a trip to Costco. While craving the sweet and salty yummyness that is s'mores with pink Himalayan sea salt, I opened our pantry door and discovered a horrible, terrible thing.

No graham crackers!

(As the very person who'd polished off the graham crackers a few days earlier, you wouldn't think I'd have been so surprised, but what can you do?)

Instead of ignoring my s'mores craving in favor of, say, a stalk of celery, I improvised and created a new kind of s'more. Some (Sexy Nerd) will tell you it's better than the original. Others (me) will tell these new s'mores that they're cute, and even that they make a tasty snack, but not to bet on a recurring role in my kitchen. My heart belongs to graham.

Pretzel S'mores Recipe
Ingredients: (self explanatory, but I'll get questions if I leave this out!)
Mini pretzels
Chocolate chips
Mini marshmallows
Peanut butter (optional - this way is Sexy Nerd's favorite, but I'm not much of a peanut butter fan)

These cooked up in just about 3 minutes in our countertop toaster/convection oven, set to 300F. Keep an eye on your pretzel s'mores. You want to get your marshmallow toasty and your chocolate melty, but not burn your pretzel. It helps to place them close to the upper heat source.

I always strive to be fair, so when this batch was finished, I divided the pretzel s'mores evenly to share with Sexy Nerd, "one for you, one for me" style.

Like this:
"One for you." 

"One for me."