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Confessions of a (Thrifty) Shopaholic

*For the record, this post is not sponsored in any way whatsoever by ThredUp. I just wanted to share their awesomeness with the world! Also, to clarify, I do NOT recommend them as a place to sell your clothes, as they seem to just steal them..though if no one sends them anything, it's going to make it much harder for me to find so many good deals, so...nevermind?

I have a new favorite clothing store. They're online and they won my heart after I placed my first order and saw this:
(My shopping soulmate?)

ThredUp sells used clothing and shoes, but only if it's name brand and in excellent/clean/like-new condition. There are things for women and children. You can also sell your top-notch, unwanted clothing, which I'm sure is great for some people. Me? I'm too much of a hoarder to part with any of my clothes and I have the outgrown walk-in closet to prove it.

(Too big? What if I gain weight one day! Too small? Motivation to fit into that again...or for the first time.)

Another big plus? You can search their site for your favorite brands, like Shabby Apple. I did a search for J. Crew and got 2,145 results!

With my coupon, I paid only $9 for 5 pieces of designer clothing. That's including shipping!

The ThredUp box actually did arrive in perfect condition. A certain blogger was too excited to see her clothes and ripped into the package before taking a photo.

I will enjoy.

Super-cute pair of pants on top = love

(Update: Super-cute but too-small pair of pants = the tragedy of online shopping. *sigh*)

My "OMG, this skirt was only $1.80, shipped" face. Hooray for coupons!

Where do you even find pants like this?

The dogs thought my new/used pants smelled interesting. They actually smelled fine to me, but Pica and Biscuit made me paranoid, so I ran them through the wash.

Uhhh, Biscuit...can I help you with something??

This should be the part of the blog post where I show you my other fantabulous ThredUp deals, which were the pants from the box photo, a fancy blue pair of pants for work, and a cute autumny (yes, autumny) dress, but Sexy Nerd refused to take any more photos. He said he had too much homework to do. You know, for his "just for fun" second master's degree.


100% unrelated topic P.S.
Do you love or hate our river rock fireplace? I'm on the fence.


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