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Tracy Arm Fjord

On our recent Alaskan cruise on the Oosterdam, Sexy Nerd and I were fortunate to visit the Sawyer Glacier in the Tracy Arm fjord, which was unlike anywhere we've ever been. More photos are coming, but I think this is a good one to share for now:

All the dark spots on the ice? Seals! There must have been at least 100 of them, just lounging and showing off their rolls of flab for the tourists. The ship got us right up to the glacier. My photo makes the glacier seem somewhat puny, so look at it in comparison to those itty bitty (though actually big and mighty) seals.

The ice really does look blue like in the photo. The color is caused by air trapped inside the ice. When a chunk breaks off ("calving", which we witnessed several times), the floating iceberg stays blue until the air escapes, which we were told is usually about 24 hours.

I have many more photos to share, but it turns out that Windows 8 is a jerk and the "sort by date modified" option does NOTHING, which I learned after several hours of preparing photos to post (now they're all mixed in with thousands of other photos - yay!) Thank you for that, Windows 8 (you big, smelly jerk!!)


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