Something's Fishy in Seattle

My plan for today was to share a long, detailed Seattle story with you. However, I'm still sick (aaaargh!) so that post has been switched out with one that's shorter and faster to write so that I can get back to bed. A few days ago, I had a fever of almost 103F. Now, I have vertigo. It's worse than that though. It feels like I'm seasick (!!!) even though I haven't been anywhere near the ocean since last Sunday. The water wasn't even rough on our cruise.

This is getting ridiculous.

Anyway, Sexy Nerd and I love Seattle. Despite its rainy reputation, we're always fortunate to have the sun shining when we visit. We walk everywhere in Seattle and enjoy the unique shopping, museums, and restaurants. Albuquerque just doesn't measure up.

One thing we do not love about Seattle, however, is the overwhelming number of homeless people. That's a very hard thing to write without seeming mean, but hear me out. There's someone passed out or panhandling on almost every corner. Even outside the main tourist areas, it's common to see men sleeping on park benches and beneath trees. We even saw one homeless man "enjoying" a dirty magazine on the side of a bike trail while kids were riding past! All of the homeless people we saw seemed relatively harmless, but I still wouldn't want to cross paths with one if I were by myself.

Or, let's face it, by myself with Sexy Nerd. I love him, but he's not going to be much help to me in a homeless freakout attack.

So, it was the end of our day in Seattle. We were exhausted and were nearly back to the hotel. I turned the corner. 

I saw something in the bushes that freaked me out and made me jump.


It looks so real, doesn't it? You thought it was a real fish too, right??

All the homeless people everywhere I turned had me on edge. Pair that with too little sleep and too much sightseeing and you know what you get? Oh yes, I had turned the corner, caught a glimpse of that little fishy statue, and freaked out. I thought a homeless person had caught it for dinner and dragged it into the bushes.

Sexy Nerd is never going to let me forget it.