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Run for Your Life!

Last week, I came home from work to discover that Sexy Nerd had a serious case of I-need-a-treadmill-right-now-or-I'll-go-crazy-itis. Nevermind that he never wants to take a walk with me. The idea had been planted in his mind and there was no getting around it. He'd chosen an inexpensive treadmill from Sears and was pacing the house, waiting for me to come home so we could go retrieve it.

I did a little research first. The treadmill he'd chosen? According to online reviews, it was a 100% piece of junk. Sexy Nerd didn't care. He said the treadmill he'd really like is a NordicTrack, but that I'd never let him buy one because they're too expensive.

Well, I found him a super deal on a top of the line NordicTrack, marked all the way down from $2000 to $250.

(And don't try to blame the slim budget on me, Sexy Nerd. You think it's nuts to spend $2000 on a treadmill too, punk!)

Despite the bargain, Sexy Nerd wanted nothing to do with the treadmill. It was listed on Craigslist. For some reason, he has a deep distrust of that site. "They won't have it anymore," he said. It had just been listed less than an hour earlier. "It's just a scam," he argued. I made the call and Sexy Nerd eavesdropped on my conversation with the seller. Folds for easy storage? Check. Built-in fan to cool you as you walk? Check. Every other bell and whistle you can imagine? Check. I hung up the phone and Mr. Anti-Craigslist was ready to jump in the truck.

It was too soon to leave yet (the seller wasn't home) so I suggested we take a stroll while waiting. Sexy Nerd wasn't interested.

(Bah, Sexy Nerd. Bah!)

Fast forward 5 days. We are loving our new (used) treadmill! It tells you how many calories you've burned. Each morning, I walk until I hit 200 calories, and I do the same each evening. Then, I eat an extra 500 calories of cookies, candy, and cake as a reward for all my healthy walking.

Seriously. Tonight's dinner was homemade pumpkin ice cream with chocolate chips.

(Soooo yummy!)

One of the ways we justified investing in a treadmill was that it would be a great way for Pica to burn off some of her crazy Jack Russell energy. She hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet though:

It was like her hind legs wouldn't work (other than to jump, obviously!) After Sexy Nerd recorded the above video, I made progress with Pica by putting a slice of pepperoni on a stick and holding it just out of her reach, cartoon-style.

 Come on, Pica. Cesar Millan says you're going to love it!


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