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Ready for My Paint Gallery Debut

As a woman in my 30s, I'm well over the target age of the new Disney series Girl Meets World. But, of course, how can I not watch it? Cory and Topanga are back! They're just like me! And they're sooo old! 

Cory and I grew up in a time without the internet, digital cameras, cell phones, hybrid cars, iPads, and reality shows. We grew up in the age of Paintbrush for Windows, a pre-Photoshop time where your photos were limited to looking more or less exactly as you took them (which was a surprise in itself, as you only got 24 photo opportunities per expensive roll.) And it was glorious.

Why is this suddenly on my mind? I was browsing through my backup CDs from more than a decade ago (I could go back even further, but computers can't accommodate any of my floppy or zip disks anymore.) I found all kinds of nonsense

My first ever conversation with Sexy Nerd was saved, which seems like a wonderfully romantic bonus of meeting your soulmate online...until you actually read through it and cringe each time you said something stupid, dorky, or flirty in a way that no one should ever be. I was pretty much cringing through the entire conversation and can't bear to read it ever again.

I also found one of my most quintessentially 90s things - Paintbrush "artwork" that I'd saved. (Because why wouldn't you save your Paintbrush drawings?) You know Paintbrush was awesome because Blogger was able to upload all 17 in just a few seconds.

Bonus points to anyone who can figure out what each picture is supposed to be. Enjoy!

Paint Art - Easter Bunny

Paint Art - Ninja Turtle

Going Shopping or Halloween

Cartoon Mousetrap
I must've been in a strange mood when I drew this. The poor little mouse looks so happy!

 Sailor Moon fan art

MS Paint - Face

Computer Art - Flower

90s self portrait

Paint Art - Schoolbus that looks like a pig
This one's a school bus...that kinda looks like a pig. Perhaps it's a Transformer.

Paintbrush Art - Beach

Funny Paint Art - Cat Wearing Eyeshadow
I call this one "Cat Wearing Eyeshadow"

MS Paintbrush - Cats

 Digital Pig

Look, I made an emoji back before emojis were a thing. Drat, I could have been rich. Also, do people make money from emojis?
 90s emoji
Funny Paint Art
 Happy Images

Fish leaping from a lake in the sky
Fish leaping from a lake in the sky? Even I'm not quite sure what's happening here.


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