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Socially Awkward

I think my new neighbor down the street wants to be friends. He always says hello whenever our paths cross. I always pick up my pace. Yeah, it might be nice to actually know one of my neighbors. In another 2 years though, I'm probably going to move. As an antisocially awkward introverted mess, I've begun taking the long route to and from my mailbox in order to avoid passing his house.

It was hot outside today and the coast was clear, so I thought the short route would be okay. Maybe he was waiting for me, which seems creepy when I write it like that though I actually don't think he meant to be creepy, but he timed it so we could chat while walking to our community mailbox together. I'm forced to talk to people all day at work. Don't make me socialize when I get home. He tried to shake my hand but I just wanted to grab my mail and get out of the sun. He has a name, but I have no idea what he said it is.

Me: So, you just moved in? Him: About a year ago. 

For pretty much an eternity, we were walking to the mailbox without saying anything, kinda together, kinda separate. I didn't know whether to slow down and walk next to him or speed up to get some distance between us, so I stayed about a foot ahead and periodically looked back.

So. Very. Awkward. While he was getting his mail out of the box, I made a break for it and hightailed it back to my house without another word. Now, I feel mean.

My awkwardness makes Biscuit sad.


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