Here for some puppy cuteness? Meet Olive and Bernadette.

We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

Anyone Home?

I'm here! I'm here! Apparently though, I'm jinxed. On Friday, I was going to post to LambAround at work during my lunch break. Our internet went down. No biggie, I thought. We were driving to Colorado in a few hours and I would just post when I arrived at my in-laws house in Buena Vista. Their internet was down too! Forever the optimist, I shrugged and said I would post when we got back home on Monday afternoon.

Things were looking up. We spent the morning hiking Black Canyon of the Gunnison with perfect, gorgeous weather.

Then, this happened:

What part of IT'S FREAKING SEPTEMBER!!! don't you understand, Colorado?

Our poor Chevy Volt was a trooper, but it just couldn't make it over the snow-packed mountains between Ouray and Durango. If your car slides off the icy road, it's usually an annoyance. If it slides off the road of that particular mountain pass, you plummet to a terrifying death! We turned around. 400+ miles out of our way and a day late getting back to work, I'm finally posting to my blog!

Oh, and our journey involved an out of the way, much-researched stop at a restaurant for which I'd purchased a gift certificate/coupon on Thursday night. They aren't just out of business. They're so out of business that an entirely different business is (and has been for months, it seems) operating where they're supposed to be.



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