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10 Decorating Ideas for Your Cozy Mountain Home

Here are more design ideas from the Summit County Parade of Homes. Enjoy!

1. Windows that go all the way down to the countertop (or countertops/desks/tables that come all the way up to the bottom of the window) look amazing. Stretching the window wall to wall is even better.

Update: When building our dream home in the NM mountains, our builder explained that this does cost a bit more, as it requires very specific framing to make sure everything lines up perfectly.

2. Frame square cubbies right into the drywall for a modern bookcase. When we build our dream home next year, I'd like to do something similar but with wood on the bottom of each shelf. Or stone. Or maybe a bright, fun color painted onto the back of each cubby - a different one in each square. 
Our poor builder doesn't know what he's gotten himself into.

3. For maximum impact, you need many, MANY pendant lights.

4. Have a little nook/hallway? Don't just leave it plain and boring. A little stone on the wall makes all the difference.

5. I would never have thought to do this, but it makes so much sense. For extra storage and countertop space, squeeze a dresser along the wall of the water closet. This opens up so many decorating options.

6. Most mudrooms place a bench along a wall, but it's more functional to place it in the center of the room. Now, you have that much more storage space because nothing was blocked by the bench.

7. If all you have is a tiny space, it's all the more important to go all out. This photo was taken inside an itty bitty mountain condo, barely big enough for 2 people. The owner renovated it with built-ins to really maximize their limited square footage. 

8. Hammered. Stainless. Sink.

I love this sink!!

9. No room for a lamp? Hang capiz shell pendants on each side of a bed.

10. When done with upscale finishes, like this wood ceiling and rustic chandelier, no one seems to mind a "too small" bedroom.