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Special Touches to Improve the Comfort of Your Guest Bedroom

Alternate title idea? Finally Ready for Thanksgiving!
(Yeah, I'm a bit behind.)

Guest Bedroom #1 - remember how it looked before?

I sweat the bedding didn't look this wrinkly in real life!

The new flooring makes such a difference. The last time I shared photos of our house before Thanksgiving, it was a disaster.

I told Sexy Nerd before our guests arrived that we should iron this tablecloth. "It will be easy," I said, planning to iron it right on the table. His response? "Nah. I don't see any wrinkles."

Tom Turkey, our official guest bedroom ambassador. Light makes his wings and head move. Most amazing of all? He was ONE DOLLAR! Can you believe this amazing time we live in?

Guests could find our wi-fi info on the card.

And a Cheryl's cookie on the pillow!

Have you seen these Oliver plates from CB2? So cute.

The guest bathroom, complete with cleverly placed mirrors.

Did I have you fooled?

Guest bedroom #2

More cookies, of course.

Pica felt bad that the guests in this room didn't have an official ambassador, so she volunteered.

I tried to convince Sexy Nerd's mom to give the hula hoop a try, but no luck. 
(At least, she didn't admit to it. I doubt she was able to resist...)

Up next? Getting our house ready for Christmas. Mid-January sounds about right!