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A Taco Bummer

Driving home last night, I noticed a new, scrumptious-looking banner outside my local Del Taco.

Turkey Tacos = Healthy (Right?)
(Look at all the tomatoes, onions, and lettuce on top. Of course these are healthy, silly!)

I remembered that Del Taco had emailed me a coupon to try their new Jennie-O turkey tacos for free. You can get one too via their website.


Waiting my turn in the Del Taco drive-thru, I was thankful that Sexy Nerd wasn't joining me. Heaven help us if he ever discovers there's such a thing as saguaro cactus lights! He would have them inside and outside our house.

Sexy Nerd is obsessed with cactus. It's horrible.

In addition to my free turkey taco, I decided to order something called a bacon quesadilla, which was less than a dollar. How have I gone more than 30 years without ever trying such a delicious-sounding thing?

I would normally dig right into my tasty food and devour it while driving home. Last night, however, I decided to try this weird "being patient" thing that Sexy Nerd has recommended to me so many times in the past. He gets upset when I munch on pizza while driving or polish off a bag of Pretzel M&Ms while simultaneously concentrating on the road. He thinks it's dangerous, or some other sort of paranoid nonsense.

I won't eat while driving, Sexy Nerd, but you never said anything about taking photos. Don't you just LOVE this song? I always feel so hip whenever it comes on.

The smell of my turkey taco and bacon quesadilla were almost too much to resist. I swear my Chevy Volt smelled like melty cheese and bacon! And, come on, is there a more perfect food to eat while driving than a quesadilla? 

I got home, dumped the contents of my Del Taco bag onto the kitchen counter, and reached for the bacon quesadilla that had been temping me for the past 20 minutes.

Then, this happened...


I swear I smelled the bacon. I'm so sure of it.

On the plus side, my free Jennie-O turkey taco was scrumptious. It tastes just as good as their regular tacos, but with less fat.

See all the veggies? I told you it was healthy.

Another plus? The Del Taco website has turned me on to the notion of cabbage tacos. Sure, they don't look good when the taco is 100% cabbage (a 100% tomato taco would probably look pretty sucky too) but I bet substituting flavorful, crunchy cabbage for lettuce would actually be quite tasty.

Has that purple cabbage been boiled?

God, I could go for a bacon quesadilla.


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