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Floor Plan for Our Mountain Dream Home

We're really building this!

(Pending the upcoming meeting with our designer and our builder, but I think they're going to love it. How could they possibly not love it? It's perfect!)

After 3 years of meticulous computer floor plans, I finally figured out that the best strategy is to treat each room like one of those magnetic poetry kits, shuffling and rearranging until everything fits in harmony.

The mandatory but boring details, like where to put the central vacuum and 'his' closet can be squeezed in later.

Pink scribbles = kick @ss party lights 

I'd have a more detailed plan to share with you now, drawn up on Sexy Nerd's fancy home design software, but Sexy Nerd has recently developed a Sim City addiction and says he will do it tomorrow.

That's fine, Sexy Nerd. It's only our DREAM HOME, not one of those little phoney baloney Sim residences, but whatever.

*rolls eyes and dies a little inside*