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Monday, June 15

Albertsons grocery store

Despite their marketing claim of "3s a crowd", there were only 2 cashiers open at Albertsons, resulting in a choice between a long line and a slightly longer line. I opted for the latter, as it was the express lane. You know those stereotypical seniors who ramble on about everything, Grandpa-Simpson style, just to have someone to talk to? That was the express lane cashier.

My ice cream was frozen when I put it on the conveyor, and melted by the time it rejoined the basket. Yes, I do like ice cream. No, I do not want to discuss the other flavor options I passed up or how I decided upon this one. That's a great story about how you won at the casino last year even though you hadn't been paying attention to the slot machine as you played because it was only $20 worth of quarters which you'd happened to be carrying and were just happy to be able to get rid of because of their weight in your pocket and I can believe you were caught speechless when you realized the bells and whistles were directed at you. It was also a great story when I heard you tell it to the 4 people in line ahead of me in the express lane.

I informed the cashier that I would like to use my gift card. "Do you want to use it toward the entire purchase or just to make a partial payment?"

I opted to apply the entire $2.49.

Tuesday, June 16

Albertsons grocery store

The cashier was suddenly upset with me. My coupon was expired. It was so upsetting that it drove her to swear.

12/31/16. She was certain the date had already passed.

I informed the cashier that I would like to use my gift card. "Well is it an Albertsons gift card?"

So much for my diabolical plan to pay for groceries with my Taco Bell card. Foiled again!


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