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Bad Real Estate Photos

After waiting 3 months from our latest floor plan change, we finally received our quote from the builder today. I asked if it was at least in the ballpark of our budget and he said "sort of". Oh, it's just ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS OVER BUDGET. Sexy Nerd is diligently reworking our design to lower the cost. Many drastic changes and many hours later, he has saved an entire $9,035.

While he scrimps and saves, I'm browsing real estate listings. My search hasn't been very reassuring, to say the least:

This is the most terrifying cozy mountain lodge I've ever seen.

What did they spill on this carpet??

It's so hard to choose the perfect flooring. Let's just get them all!

Apparently, this broken TV (computer monitor?) comes with the house.

Flamingos and tropical fish in the middle of the desert? Sure. I don't know if it quite fits the 1.3 million dollar asking price though.

This is on every listing photo...I guess so I won't steal them to share on my blog? Because, obviously, this one is such a high quality photo that it's in need of protecting.

Ummm, maybe try not taking all the listing photos for your multi-million dollar home with your cell phone?

Bread boxes!
The property value must have tanked when the low-carb craze hit.

 This one is actually very nice. Supposedly, this is the private backyard and the pond is stocked with scrumptious, self-replenishing trout, which the homeowner loves to catch and enjoy for dinner. The home is also gorgeous and it's listed for just $299,000. It has been sitting on the market for nearly a year. Bait and switch?

 It's a good thing they pointed it out, or I'd have been super confused.

The Labeler strikes again, clearing up any confusion over the purpose of this room containing a sink, fridge, microwave, and toaster oven. Thank you, Labeler! You have truly saved the day.

When listing your home for sale, sometimes less is more.

Can you imagine telling your builder "Carpet the house, but leave this strip of dirt for me. I have big plans for it!"?

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, I have another whole page of bad real estate listings.

You know, $143,965 $142,765 (Sexy Nerd found another $1,200!) over budget suddenly doesn't seem so bad.