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What's for Dinner? Del Taco Ensaladas!

Del Taco has a tasty new option, the Handcrafted Ensalada! Which, I guess is Del Taco talk for salad.

Del Taco Ensalada
 There are 3 flavors to choose from: Taco Salad (TS), Chicken Bacon Avocado (CB), and Mexican Chopped Chicken (MC).

What could the PR on this sticker mean?

(Truth be told, I knew what the PR meant the other day, when I took this photo. At least, I think I knew it. I'm sure I knew it! What was it??)

Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad, including a side of tortilla chips. That was a nice surprise! There was supposed to be a side of Cilantro Pepita Ranch, but my Albuquerque Del Taco forgot to include it. You'd think I'd have learned to check my order after the Bacon Quesadilla debacle, but sadly no.

They didn't shy away from the cilantro-awesomeness, which is one of the reasons I love Del Taco. 

Of course, if cilantro tastes like soap to you (you poor, poor person) I'm sure they'll happily make you an Ensalada without it.


The Del Taco Ensalada was huge, so I added 2 tacos to my order (currently free when you enroll in their eClub - yay!) and considered dinner done.

1 crunchy chicken taco and 1 soft chicken taco. They do not skimp on the cheese at Del Taco.

You figured I'd give 1 taco to Sexy Nerd and keep the other for myself, didn't you?
Around here, we cut our tacos in half. Crunchy shells be darned!

If you're in the mood for a salad but worry you'll still be hungry afterward, the new Del Taco Ensaladas are a great option. They're a bit pricey, at about $5 each, but there are eClub coupons available to make it a better value. In addition to the free taco offer, there's currently a coupon for a free drink with your Ensalada purchase.

All blog posts should end with a close up of BACON, don't you think?


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