Copenhagen in November

I shared photos from our trip to Iceland, but none from Denmark. Copenhagen deserves better than that! We had a great time walking the cobblestone streets, visiting castles, and enjoying the Christmas markets that seemed to be everywhere. (Seriously, they were even inside some of the castles.)

 November 25-30, 2015
(Photos post 1 of 2...because 80 photos seemed like waaay to many for one blog post.)

 Ever since our trip to Australia, Sexy Nerd insists I pose like this whenever we come across a cannon.
It happens more often than you might expect.

The Worker's Museum in Copenhagen.
We didn't get it.

That look you get when your cactus-obsessed husband has spent too much time in the desert section of the greenhouse.

This last photo was taken at the eerily quiet time of 4:03pm. An hour earlier, the shop-lined streets had been packed with Saturday shoppers.
Denmark is a different place.

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