Copenhagen Photos!

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We visited Boston, Salem, Iceland, Denmark, Baltimore, and HEAVEN, all in one trip.

I asked Sexy Nerd to take my photo in front of these reindeer. This is the only photo he took.

Sexy Nerd enjoyed hearing the stories at the Hans Christian Andersen museum. They're a bit more strange than I remembered. And I remembered them being pretty strange!

The World's Largest Collection of Beer Bottles
(All unopened and no repeats.)

Going through my vacation photos, I came to this one and thought Is that...a swastika?? We never noticed it while we were at the Carlsberg Brewery. According to the Carlsberg website, these elephants were built in 1901 and swastikas used to be a common symbol of the company, as they represented good luck, prosperity, and goodness in India.

Sexy Nerd hates raisins, yet he happily ordered his Glogg with added raisins.

Our first-ever ebelskivers. There's a good chance I ruined a little girl's Christmas by taking these. I have no regrets - they were delicious!

About 30 seconds after I snapped this photo, a car ran over this sign.
Also, the brew did not have a view.

Ride 'em, Santa!