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Iceland Photos

We're back from our WOW Air vacation and we had a great time. Going to Iceland and Copenhagen in a single trip was a perfect combination because the two are such opposites - rugged nature and the big city. (To us Albuquerque folks, Copenhagen seems huge!)

Quiet, friendly locals and hundreds of miles of solitude make Iceland an introvert's paradise. My husband and I have traveled the world, looking out over the Blue Mountains in Australia and hiking the Vallée de Mai in Seychelles, but Iceland tops our list of favorite travel destinations. With iceberg-covered beaches, cartoonish horses that jaunt happily toward you, and steam-filled valleys bathed in mist, it's unlike anywhere else in the world.

Here are a few (you know, just 40 or so) Iceland photos to inspire your own dream vacation.


November  21-25

I was only planning to share photos here, but have a quick story that's too funny not to share. Watch out for the horses - shortly after this photo was taken, this living My Little Pony bit me right on the boob!

There's a seal in the water!